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Welcome to my website!

I've been managing this website since 2006. Ever since I started photographing digitally, I've been taking more and more photos. That is why I also wanted to do something with, in my case especially the large amount of bird photos.

As a former biology teacher (you're still a bit ;-) I thought of building something to make it easier to recognize birds, plants or dragonflies. I have therefore arranged the photos in such a way that, for example, bird species or other species such as butterflies or dragonflies that are related to each other are together in one viewer. This helps to identify the species. Identifying birds is not always easy and then it is useful to be able to zap back and forth in the viewer.

On most pages you will see photos I have made of Dutch birds, butterflies or other animals and plants. If you look in the Europe menu, you will also see nature and bird photos from other European countries. Under the Themes menu you will find the more special bird photos. These are not always the most beautiful bird pictures, but the behavior of birds, or what they eat, is central to them.

Who knows, you may come back again.  Until then!
Ellen Sandberg, January 2022

Sandhill Crane 


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